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Infralobo offers its customers a choice of payment methods.

Direct debit is without doubt the most convenient method of payment, avoiding time wasting and the danger of forgetting to pay.

To sign up to this method, you should provide us with a copy of the Standing Direct Debit Authorisation printout, duly filled out, signed and confirmed by the banking institution.

At the bottom of your bill, we also provide payment details (entity, reference and amount) for payment using the Multibanco Cashpoint Network, for which you should select “Pagamento de Serviços”. Make sure you keep the receipt, as this is your proof of payment.

Alternatively, you can make your payment by bank transfer, by using the bank details indicated on the Control Slip, at the bottom right corner of the bill. We request, in this case, that you inform us by email or fax of the payment made, mentioning your customer number.

You can also make you payment by cheque, payable to Infralobo, E.M.. Detach the Control Slip from your bill and enclose it with the cheque when you send it, or include your customer number.

Finally, you can also make your payment at our offices, in cash or by cheque or debit card.

Important note: In the event that Service Provision Contract bills are not paid within the period allowed for payment, the consumer can still pay them, plus statutory default interest. Once the deadline provided for by law has elapsed, if the bill has not been paid it will be subject to compulsory collection and the supply will be disconnected.