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Integrated Management System Policy

Infralobo's Integrated Management System Policy, in line with the mission and vision, aims to demonstrate its posture of acting in a socially responsible and sustained manner, based on transparency and mutual respect in the relationships it establishes with its stakeholders. To this end, it is guided by the following principles:

  • Comply with applicable legal, regulatory and normative requirements, as well as others to which Infralobo subscribes;
  • Comply with the requirements established internally, namely those resulting from the principles and values established by Infralobo;
  • Comply with stakeholder requirements, actively contributing to their satisfaction and building trust;
  • Provide the company with adequate infrastructures and technological means for the development of its activity that will minimize changes in the daily lives of consumers in the company's area of intervention;
  • Develop and implement a telemanagement system that allows effective monitoring of the entire water network, sewage network and respective pumping stations;
  • Develop and implement a geographic information system (GIS), building a dynamic database;
  • Develop the activity based on a proactive attitude in the search and adoption of best practices and consequently continuously improve the Integrated Management System of the company, its effectiveness and performance;
  • Promote the personal and professional development of employees, either through individual skills and teamwork to allow, as a whole, to achieve high levels of performance;
  • To achieve the operating results foreseen in the strategic plan in order to guarantee the profitability rate of the project;
  • Raise awareness and work preferably with suppliers who attach importance to the good practices of an Integrated Management System;
  • Improve the urban waste selective collection plan, introducing telemetry and route optimization through Fleet Management;
  • Proceed with the licensing of advertising and occupation of the public road, aiming at the discipline and harmonization of the public space;
  • Ensure the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the correct management of the impacts resulting from activities, products and services, reducing them and contributing responsibly to an environmentally sustainable future;
  • Allow freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, without discrimination, ensuring compliance with the principles enshrined in the legislation regarding working hours, disciplinary practices and remuneration, and ensuring conciliation between professional, family and personal life;
  • Promote and support measures that allow our employees and their families to conciliate professional needs with personal and family needs;
  • Promote the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services that affect energy performance;
  • Ensure the definition and review of objectives and targets for the organization, as well as the availability of information and the resources needed to achieve them;
  • Disseminate and promote understanding of the Integrated Management System Policy to all stakeholders.


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Carlos Manso