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About Us

Infralobo E.M. is a company founded in 1999 through the genuine desire to provide quality service to the luxury resort of Vale do Lobo. As this is an area with unique characteristics, which brought about a market very different to that in much of the rest of Loulé municipality, Infralobo comes from the desire of Loulé Municipal Council (51%) and of Vale do Lobo RTL S.A. (49%), to bring its services closer to customers, thus promoting quick response and action.

Since its creation, the municipal company has been based in Vale do Lobo, and has always worked towards satisfying its customers through its services, while keeping to the legal requirements to which it is subject. The challenge issued created a series of goals within the heart of the company, while enforcing the need for the company to focus on continual improvement and optimisation of resources. The external and internal context have been predominant in the development of the company, with this fact proving decisive in the expansion of Infralobo’s duties, in 2008, 2010 and 2013, to housing developments adjacent to Vale do Lobo. These new delegations of powers, established by Loulé Municipal Council, represent a vote of confidence in the team, as well as another step towards the creation of synergies and resource optimisation. At the moment we are a solid company, able to effectively meet requirements, while striving daily to ensure a close relationship with our customers!

We’re here to serve you, help us to improve!!!!