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Message from the Management

Infralobo: Innovate to improve

2018 has been a year of permanent challenges and need for adjustment, given that, thanks to the merit and recognition of work developed within the company, several Infralobo staff members have enjoyed the opportunity to continue evolving in their professional career, and have been able to share our work processes and methodologies with other organisations. Through networking and sharing knowledge, development can thus flourish.

PCA Carlos Manso FBSince 2014, stimulated by the strategy of the Municipality of Loulé, we have undertaken, at Infralobo, the redefinition of internal processes associated with innovation, with the clear aim of achieving improvements in our activity, and in particular in the management of assets, products and services, with a significant environmental, social and economic reach, thus providing a comparative advantage in the quality of life of the territory under our responsibility.

This redefinition of processes through the implementation of technology encompasses a range of areas, including anything from fundamental and essential public services, such as water supply, to meeting new contemporary requirements, such as soft mobility, with the implementation of the SMART BIKES (shared bicycles) system.

As I believe in the project initiated by the previous administrations, the coming years will be a continuation of this vision and direction, forming part of the ‘Loulé Adapta’ municipal strategy, we will continue to focus on technological innovation for the management of public services.
This commitment will include fitting volume sensors to MSW containers, which will be connected to the fleet management system to optimise collection routes, and implementing a public irrigation optimisation system, through the introduction of sensors that control the irrigation water consumption of public spaces through the level of rainfall.

We also plan to increase the coverage of the SMART BIKES (shared bicycles) system and the implementation of conventional and private bicycle parking stations near the main points of interest, not forgetting improvements to the energy efficiency of our equipment and buildings with the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and installation of public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Our strategy aims to favour three areas:

  • Combating Climate Change;
  • Soft mobility;
  • Better management of public services.

Focusing on improving customer satisfaction, combined with thoroughness and transparency in a balanced financial management is our commitment.

The President of the Board of Directors
Carlos Manso* 

*The new President took office on the 1st of August 2018 and the Board of Directors is also composed by Eng. Pedro Reimão and Dra. Joana Correia (Directors).