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Projects and Works


  • Praça de Vale do Lobo – infrastructures renovation and improvement of outdoor spaces;
  • Vale do Lobo’s beach with a new access;
  • Mimosas area – one more phase finnished;
  • Vale do Lobo e Vale do Garrão – replacement of surface ecopoints by underground ecopoints;
  • Quinta Jacintina, Aldeia das Ferrarias e Vale do Lobo – repaving works;
  • Aldeia das Ferrarias, Vale do Lobo, Encosta do Lobo and Oceano Clube – new waste deposition in operation;
  • Vale do Garrão – root sanitation and paving works;
  • Rua Florida, Vale do Lobo e Aldeia das Ferrarias – connection to main conduct;
  • New underground recycling/ storage system in Infralobo’s area of operations;
  • Quinta Jacintina, Dunas Douradas e Vilas Alvas – waste deposition and collection equipment;
  • Rua da Romanzeira and surrounding areas;
  • Aldeamento Sul – infrastructures completion + landscape arrangement;
  • Vale do Lobo and Dunas Douradas – Led lighting;
  • Shared Path;
  • Almirante Mendes Cabeçadas – repaving works;
  • Av. do Garrão – public lighting;
  • New Pumping Station near Praça VDL.