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Towards electrical sustainability

05 September, 2022 Notícias
Towards electrical sustainability
Towards electrical sustainability

Another electric work vehicle was recently acquired by Infralobo. This investment demonstrates the commitment of this municipal company to reducing its ecological footprint. We thus continue to comply with the INFRALOBO 2021 Decarbonization Plan, approved by the company in the past and which consisted of the energy transition of the fleet through the acquisition of electric vehicles, as well as a reduction of vehicles at the service of the company, without putting the operation at risk.

Infralobo's efforts in the field of sustainability, included in the company's decarbonization plan, are framed in the Municipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Municipality of Loulé (EMAAC).

In 2021, the energy produced by photovoltaic panels increased 10 times, while the total consumption of electricity and fossil fuels decreased compared to 2020, contributing to greater autonomy and energy efficiency by the company.

These visible results in various aspects of the company were possible thanks to the incorporation of several technologies in the operation with a view to the efficiency of operations. Infralobo has been certified by the ISO 50001:2019 – Energy Management System since July 2021.