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INFRALOBO saves 44% of water for irrigation of green areas with SMART IRRIGATION SYSTEM

26 August, 2022 Notícias
INFRALOBO saves 44% of water for irrigation of green areas with SMART IRRIGATION SYSTEM
INFRALOBO saves 44% of water for irrigation of green areas with SMART IRRIGATION SYSTEM

Infralobo - Infrastructure Company of Vale do Lobo, E.M., manager of 22 hectares of green public spaces in Vale do Lobo and urbanizations adjacent to the resort, in 2021 saved around 44% in the water consumption necessary for the periodic irrigation of these same spaces green. This annual savings represents lower costs in the purchase of water by around 100 thousand Euros.

It should be noted that in 2020, savings had already reached 27%, with savings of around 60 thousand euros.

According to Carlos Manso, CEO of Infralobo, ''increased efficiency in the management of water resources in public and private green spaces should be a goal that all consumers should be focused on, reinforcing that Infralobo uses 3.7 liters m2 /day, making good use of water, since the efficiency limit is in the range of 3 liters m2/day to 5 liters m2/day. The solution to water scarcity involves not only savings, but also greater efficiency in the use of water.”’’

According to INFRALOBO, this project is part of the Municipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change in the sense of the new Municipal Climate Action Strategy, which includes measures aimed at greater water efficiency.

The SMART IRRIGATION SYSTEM project consists of an intelligent system for automating the irrigation of green spaces implemented in 2019 and associated with a weather station that makes it possible to program and remotely control irrigation devices from a control/monitoring room, helping to combat water waste, save energy and reduce costs.

By monitoring indicators such as rainfall or soil moisture, the system allows you to automatically activate or deactivate irrigation mechanisms depending on weather conditions and the real need for water. At the time of the presentation, Infralobo estimated to achieve savings of between 20% and 40% in water costs for the irrigation of green spaces, a goal that has now been surpassed.

INFRALOBO invested around 60 thousand euros (80% reimbursed by CRESC 2020 in the amount of 48 thousand euros) in this tool, which included the installation of meters, sensors mapped by georeferencing and a meteorological center.

Despite the delays generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company says that in the future, it continues to intend to expand the use of this tool and benefit residents, through the provision of an application with information based on the meteorological center that will help them to reduce their own Water consumption.