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Collection of Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Collection sector is increasing in the public eye in today’s society, given the pressing need to find sustainable solutions for getting rid of and reusing waste. The entire legislative situation points to adding value to waste, so that it stops being rubbish and becomes a prime material.

Efforts in making everyone aware of the situation are very important, as landfills have a limited capacity, and their use can be improved if the amount of separated waste is increased – more separated and thus recycled waste reduces landfilling.

Infralobo has invested in selective and unsorted waste disposal solutions, and is proud of the relatively high level of cooperation of its customers. However, we have concluded that much more can be done, as waste that could be reused continues to be landfilled every day. The costs involved in waste collection and disposal and urban cleaning, which includes a host of tasks vital to the creation of a pleasant environment, are very expensive, making it vital for each of us to act environmentally, especially when disposing waste.

Legislation also enforces the need for environmental awareness, applying substantial penalties on waste producers, in this case Infralobo, which then would have to be passed on to its customers.

For information of existing waste disposal points, consult Infralobo’s area of operation map.