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Water Supply and Treatment

Water is vital for life. This statement takes on increasing importance the more we become aware that it is a scarce resource and essential to our survival. Homes and establishments without running water are unthinkable, making the provision of this service in quantity and quality a priority for this company.

Drainage of waste water, despite being equally essential to life, receives less attention. We know that we could never survive without sanitation, however, given that it is an operation in which water is used and discharged to the correct destination, people tend not to think about it. For Infralobo, however, this is an important issue, because the effective separation of waste water and rainwater and their correct conveyance to the treatment station, represents a daily concern for the company.

It is much more costly to treat rejected waste water than water sourced from nature and refine it for human consumption in our taps. It is also much more advantageous environmentally. As such, we make every effort to carry out internal and external awareness campaigns, as well as private inspections of houses so as to ensure the sustainability of systems.